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We specialize in Surface Grinder Repair for Mitsui, Harig, Boyar & Shultz, Okamoto & more. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

Surface Grinder Reconditioning

Reconditioning Services:


We specialize in the repair of Mitsui, Harig, Boyar & Schultz, and Okamoto surface grinders throughout Northwest Indiana and Chicago Illinois regions as well as nationwide. Our machine technicians pride themselves with the vast knowledge and experience to recondition your surface grinder cost effectively.

Mitsui Grinder Repair


Hand Scraping

Precision hand scraping is what gives surface grinders a distinctive feel.  Our machine technicians will hand scrape bearing surfaces on all the mating surfaces of the iron.

This provides a customized surface and fit.

All ways are hand scraped and/or reground to original manufacturer specifications.



The lubrication system is the most important component of the way surfaces. At times companies are busy in production and this component gets neglected. We take pride in providing a in-depth lubrication inspection



We have relationships with many vendors in the industry to ensure quick turnaround and quality direct replacement parts for your surface grinder. We will only use precision OEM bearings when we rebuild equiptment.



What we can do for your grinder        

  • Dismantle, clean, and inspect the machine from top-to-bottom
  • Inspect the machines electrical system and wiring
  • Precision Hand Scrape, flake, and fit all way surfaces to full bearing
  • Regrind ball ways
  • Replace ball bearings in tracks
  • Rebuild the spindle and inspect the motor
  • Replace crossfeed screw & nut assembly
  • Polish all bright work
  • Inspect the lubrication system
  • Assemble and realign to original tolerance
  • Paint to factory colors



Contact us today for a repair service call (219) 951-0219 or by email at contact@mikesmachinerepair.net




Overhaul your surface grinder and see the difference in your grinding!



hand scraping ways



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